Jazz Community

One of Brussels’ assets is its high concentration of artists who live and work in the capital, and get inspired by our city every day. In this section you will get better acquainted with some of our jazz personalities and their sources of inspiration.
Using tradition as a starting point, bassist Manolo Cabras keeps on pushing back the boundaries of free jazz, not only as a popular sideman but also with some of his own projects.

Manolo Cabras

A year studying in New York has first and foremost taught the young saxophonist to make informed choices between own groups, activities as a sideman and solo projects.

Steven Delannoye

An alto saxophonist who following his adventure with big bands in Boston and New York has in the meantime become the artistic director of the Jazz Station Big Band and also has his own bands.

Stéphane Mercier

A young piano player who effortlessly links baroque to the most complex avant-garde structures and casually also tries his hand at highly-refined improvisation.

Bram De Looze

Mathieu Robert resolutely opts for the soprano saxophone and by doing so – with his instrument – lends colour to some widely divergent bands.

Mathieu Robert

Whether it is with TaxiWars, Nathalie Loriers or in an African context, bassist Nicolas Thys always knows how to instil the right groove and the perfect rhythm.

Nicolas Thys

If there is anyone who can call himself “Monsieur Jazz” in Belgium, it is unmistakably radio man, writer, photographer and all-round epicurean Marc Danval.

Marc Danval

An alto saxophonist of striking versatility, who happily goes back and forth between different generations, genres and even artistic disciplines.

Thomas Champagne

Barely nineteen years old but already all the hype of Belgian jazz land with SCHNTZL, member of a series of groups with international line-up and a commissioned composition for music theatre.

Hendrik Lasure

As a musician, Vincent Ghilbert likes to indulge into more modern jazz but as the organiser of the Blue Flamingo Festival, he also opens the door to other alternatives.
A baritone saxophonist, bass clarinettist and mostly a composer who in his work seeks to strike a tenuous balance between profound philosophical ideas, layered structures and some sort of accessibility.
An old-school drummer who has learned the tricks of the trade on his own but has built an international career both in jazz and other musical styles and genres.
A stylish jazz singer who stays clear of any sort of mannerism and stereotype, and takes the genre in a new direction by influences ranging from pop and poetry to Indian singing.
A young pianist who takes his inspiration from a variety of art forms and by doing so establishes his own link between pop and jazz.

David Thomaere

The leading lady of Belgian jazz piano does not only lead her own (international) bands, she also plays a determining role in the male bastion of the Brussels Jazz Orchestra.

Nathalie Loriers

A singer who through her various jazz bands and projects shows that the young generation of vocalists thoroughly renews and refreshes the genre.
Pianist, composer and vocalist Margaux Vranken (°1991) subtly takes in influences from jazz, pop and film music.

Margaux Vranken

Ananke has a rather hefty name (the goddess of necessity and fate in Greek mythology). This quintet refines and personalises modern jazz according to its proper criteria and standards.


An internationally renowned jazz club where young people get ample opportunities and the owners apply only one principle: hard work with a passion for jazz.

Sergio & Rosy / The Sounds

Surrounded by a young rhythm section, Alain Pierre with his latest group Tree-Ho! shows that acoustic guitar music can be both synonym of melodic intimacy and of energetic spontaneity.

Alain Pierre