Alain Pierre

Surrounded by a young rhythm section, Alain Pierre with his latest group Tree-Ho! shows that acoustic guitar music can be both synonym of melodic intimacy and of energetic spontaneity.

01.04, 22.00, Sounds:
Alain Pierre Tree-Ho!


Who is… Alain Pierre?

With names such as Kurt Rosenwinkel, Bill Frisell and Jakob Bro, the electric guitar is again in the full glare of the spotlight in jazz. Alain Pierre (° 1966) sticks to the classical acoustic guitar and the twelve-string guitar. "For me, it is the ideal way to include my personal feelings in my music.”
He studied at the Conservatory of Liege as well as at that of Brussels and has himself been teaching guitar for many years.
As a composer, he delivers work for the most diverse line-ups, ranging from duos and trios to vocal ensembles and string quartets.
He is mainly a highly sought-after guest musician with the most varied projects.
Here is a selection of his recent collaborations:
- a duo with singer Barbara Wiernik (‘Different Lines’)
- the trio WRaP! with Barbara Wiernik and Jean-Louis Rassinfosse
- Acous-Trees with Pierre Bernard, Olivier Stalon, Frédéric Malempre, Antoine Pierre and Barbara Wiernik.
Let us also mention numerous duo projects and/or recordings with Peter Hertmans, Steve Houben and Guillaume Vierset amongst others and he also founded the Belgian-Tunisian band Anfass.
Last but not least, there is his latest band Tree-Ho! with bassist Félix Zurstrassen (LG Jazz Collective, David Thomaere Trio, Urbex) and drummer Antoine Pierre (Taxi Wars, Urbex, Philip Catherine, LG Jazz Collective).
Their debut CD ‘Aaron & Allen’ has only recently been released on his own label, Spinach Pie Records.


What is…

... your favourite spot in Brussels?

The offices of the musicians’ association Les Lundis d’Hortense are based at the Jazzstation. Quite by necessity, these have in a sense become my second home since I have been chairman of the organisation for four years and I am still a member of the executive board today. However, within the context of this section, I would rather pick Flagey as my favourite spot. It is a building where you can still feel the vibes of the past. The music history that has been written here is incredible. The first radio broadcasts, recordings and many concerts… People leave energy behind them, an energy which I think is still extremely palpable here.


… the last CD or album you bought for yourself?

The ECM box ‘The First Quartet’ with three albums by John Abercrombie, on which he is backed up by George Mraz, Richie Beirach and Peter Donald. These recordings which date back to the 1978-1980 period had not yet been re-released on CD. At the time, Abercrombie was at his height in terms of his personal search for complex harmonies. However, it was not art for art’s sake. It remained fresh but at the same time had that little bit of roughness. Those who blame ECM for releasing almost only atmospheric music, should listen to these three albums.


… your fondest memory of a recent concert?

If I say that I was hugely impressed by Urbex during the latest Brussels Jazz Festival at Flagey, one will suspect me of bias towards my son (laughs). I will therefore pick pianist Nicola Andrioli instead. He often performs at the Sounds. Each time, I am astonished by his creativity. He never repeats himself. And then of course, there is his combination of melody, harmony and rhythm! He has got it all.


… your favourite quote of the moment?

“Seul compte l’instant présent”, that is also the title of one of my compositions on my latest CD ‘Aaron & Allen’. You have to live in the present moment. Grab everything there is to grab and try to get positive energy out of it all. That is also my motto in life.