Ananke has a rather hefty name (the goddess of necessity and fate in Greek mythology). This quintet refines and personalises modern jazz according to its proper criteria and standards.

11.06, 22.00 : The Sounds

09.07, 19.00 : Brussel Bad/ Bruxelles les Bains


Who is… Ananke?

Ananke is a Brussels band led by pianist and composer Victor Abel.

In 2003, he crosses paths with bassist Roméo Iannucci and drummer Alex Rodembourg. They discover sufficient affinities to form a trio.

A year later, they record their first demo, enter Brussels Jazz Marathon’s Young Talent competition and win the ultimate prize straightaway. Their story could finally get off to a good start.

The band issues two CDs: ‘Ananke’ (2004) and ‘Mystery Jungle’ (2007).

They hit the stage both in Belgium and abroad with among the most memorable moments, performances with Philip Catherine and a 6-month residence at the Brussels jazz club Art-ô-Base.

Little by little, they feel they need new impulses, a new impetus.

So, for instance, they take up residence in Roubaix (FR) where they work with DJs and hip-hoppers including Dj Boulaone.

Afterwards, the band is extended to include two wind instrument players, flutist Quentin Manfroy and bass clarinettist Antoine Prawerman, later replaced by Yann Lecollaire. After recording an EP, the quintet has only recently issued its proper debut album under the title ‘Stop That Train’ (Igloo).

Drummer Alex answers our questions.


What is…

... your favourite spot in Brussels?

I would like to mention a “non-musical” spot, namely Parc Duden in Forest. I live right next to it. The park is not too big. However, it’s perfect to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.


… the last CD or album you bought for yourself?

I purchased a record of suites for viola de gamba written by baroque composer Marin Marais. Sometimes I feel the need to immerse myself in a melancholy atmosphere and then I generally listen to this kind of music. In recent years, I have been buying mainly rock and classical music, less jazz I must admit. In the past, it was just the opposite.


… your fondest memory of a recent concert?

It was at Jazzstation, the presentation of Aka Moon’s latest ‘The Scarlatti Book’. We have known these musicians for a long time and have a close connection with them. Yet, this was one of their strongest performances.


… your favourite quote of the moment?

I would choose the end of the poem ‘Allégeance’ (Allegiance) written by French poet René Char: “In the streets of the town goes my love. Small matter where she moves in divided time. She is no longer my love, anyone may speak with her. She remembers no longer: who exactly loved her, and lights her from afar, lest she should fall?” These verses have often been going through my mind lately.