David Thomaere

A young pianist who takes his inspiration from a variety of art forms and by doing so establishes his own link between pop and jazz.

23.09, 20:00 Saint-Jazz Festival ( Jazzstation)
David Thomaere Trio


Who is… David Thomaere?

David Thomaere (°1988) gets bitten by the music bug at a very young age. He is barely six years old when he first sits at the piano. The usual classical training at the local music academy (Schoten) is therefore the first logical step.
Subsequently, he attends classes at the Royal Conservatory in Brussels with among others Diederik Wissels and Kris Defoort.
In addition, he attends masterclasses abroad with the likes of Kenny Werner, John Taylor and Palle Danielsson. As part of the Erasmus project, he spends a year in Leipzig where he learns from Richie Beirach.

Since 2011, he has settled in Brussels for good.

In 2013, he scores the Toots Thielemans Award and a year later, he is on the list of nominees for the Sabam Jazz Award ‘Young Talent’.

His debut CD ‘Crossing Lines’ is released at the beginning of 2016 by the Belgian quality label W.E.R.F.. And to form his trio, he appoints two other young ‘heroes’: drummer Antoine Pierre (TaxiWars, Philip Catherine, LG Jazz Collective, Urbex) and bassist Félix Zurstrassen (LG Jazz Collective, Urbex, Guillaume Vierset Quartet).

Thomaere gets involved with Okon & The Movement as well and female singers Billie Bentein and Typh Barrow also call on his services.


What is…

... your favourite spot in Brussels?

Quite frankly, I do not have a specific spot that pops into mind right away. I like to go to the Bravo to meet colleagues or watch them perform. When I want to escape the city, I go to the Sonian forest. I have recently discovered a special place. It is the abbey of La Cambre in Ixelles. The first time I visited the place, I was deeply impressed. The sun was shining through the stained glass windows: it was almost fairy-tale-like. What is nice also, is that people picnic in the garden without making a great fuss. But, then again, I do not want to go there too often to keep the magic intact.


… the last CD or album you bought for yourself?

‘Blackstar’ by David Bowie. I was more or less familiar with his work but when I heard the first single from the new album, I was really blown away. The guy has kept reinventing himself. And the fact that he invited jazz musicians this time around, is, of course, fantastic. In my circle of friends, we have talked a lot about the album and for many of them, it shares the same vibes as ‘Bitches Brew’ by Miles Davis. The feeling of a studio jam but at the same time, the songs have been written out in very precise detail. When I stayed in New York a few months ago, I had the opportunity to see these musicians perform on stage. You then instantly understand why Bowie has chosen them.


… your fondest memory of a recent concert?

The concert by Keith Jarrett last year at BOZAR. I did not have very high hopes in the light of his personality. But in the end, I really enjoyed it. Anyway, views are divided on his constant ‘humming’. In the middle of the concert, I remember thinking that people who are not jazz fans would consider us crazy if they attended this concert, not to mention that Keith Jarrett tickets are, after all, rather expensive. But it is just part of Jarrett’s character. His music would not sound the way it does, without all these fringe phenomena and gestures. Harmonically speaking, he is a genius and with only three notes, he is able to suck you in straightaway.

… your favourite quote of the moment?

“I try to apply colours like words that shape poems, like notes that shape music”. It is a quote by Miró and it also appears on the cover of my CD. I have visited the Joan Miró Foundation in Mallorca and what struck me, is how he brings together colours and lines to express a feeling. Hence also, the drawing on the cover in a similar style. The CD title is in line with it all. My intention is to combine pop and jazz. I like to engage in both genres very much. Listening to a variety of music styles shapes your musical personality. I am also interested in dance, theatre...