Jazz Community

One of Brussels’ assets is its high concentration of artists who live and work in the capital, and get inspired by our city every day. In this section you will get better acquainted with some of our jazz personalities and their sources of inspiration.
Young guitarist who knows how to combine and merge the worlds of improvisation, jazz, pop and singer-songwriters in a very personal way.
A saxophonist who is continuously looking for the delicate balance between zen, nature, composition and improvisation.

Jeroen Van Herzeele

Brazilian singer-songwriter who enhances the cross-pollination between jazz and pop with a whole range of roots music from his native country.
A pianist who not only performs and improvises the most difficult classical pieces but also writes the most layered jazz compositions.
With two brand-new CDs, ‘Brel’ and ‘The Whistleblowers’, jazz vocalist David Linx illustrates once again the merits of his international reputation.

David Linx

Violinist and piano player Renaud Crols mainly plays in gypsy swing circles but just as well in productions involving Bach or Balkan beats, and is even a welcome guest on the boogie-woogie scene.
Draughtsman, illustrator, MC, producer and vocalist Herb Cells is a man of many arts with a soft spot for jazz.

Herb Cells

A pianist of the young generation who walked away with a fair amount of prizes and proves with his debut CD ‘Resurrection’ that he is capable of placing the classic jazz trio in a broad context.
Finnish singer Anu Junnonen manages to associate in a poetic way jazz and (electro)pop to her native country’s musical and literary traditions.
One of the most eclectic musicians on the Belgian jazz scene comes back with a legendary band from his own past: The One Shot Band.

Fabrice Alleman

A young pianist who, bolstered by a solid training during countless jam sessions and a permanent knowledge of standards, charts his own personal course.
Time and again, on every single CD, piano player Ivan Paduart displays the timeless combination of melody, rhythm and counterpoint.

Ivan Paduart

Independent label Outhere-OutNote (Aka Moon, LABtrio) demonstrates with great effect that there is still an audience fond of quality and vision these days.
Versatile saxophonist who freely blends African rhythms, hip-hop as well as electronic music in his jazz compositions.

Nicolas Kummert

Bass player who has hit the stage with big international jazz icons but has also proven highly innovative with his band Aka Moon.

Michel Hatzigeorgiou

Pianist who nowadays boosts her lyricism from earlier days with elements garnered from the work of Monk, Mingus and Hadens Liberation Music Orchestra.

Eve Beuvens

Slowly but surely the new generation of young Belgian drummers sets out to conquer the world, from Brussels to New York and back... This summer, Antoine Pierre treads the boards amidst different bands during the summer festival season.
As a composer and drummer, Jens Bouttery operates in the world of theatre as well as in the jazz sector, and masterly combines both in his own collective, the Jens Maurits Orchestra.

Jens Bouttery

The references and influences in Pierre Anckaert’s music range from Chopin to Cuba and from Chick Corea to Flying Lotus.

Pierre Anckaert

The drummer who revolutionised the world of jazz with Aka Moon but also leaves his own mark alongside Ibrahim Maalouf and Tigran Hamasyan.

Stéphane Galland