Jazz Community

One of Brussels’ assets is its high concentration of artists who live and work in the capital, and get inspired by our city every day. In this section you will get better acquainted with some of our jazz personalities and their sources of inspiration.
Young piano player who strikes the perfect balance between style and lyricism, both with his trio and with the super band Lg Jazz Collective.

Igor Gehenot

In keeping with the motto advocating “study, assimilation and personalisation”, saxophonist Ben Sluijs has already rounded off a significant body of work.
As a result of the steadfast dedication and commitment of composer and saxophonist Frank Vaganée with the Brussels Jazz Orchestra, the big band has made a successful comeback in our part of the world.
Amidst the pivotal group Mâäk, trumpet player Laurent Blondiau is always on the lookout for the perfect balance between improvisation, music score and African trance.

Laurent Blondiau

Trumpet player Jean-Paul Estiévenart: definitely a musician’s musician, well on his way to becoming the darling of the public through his activities amidst the most diverse bands.

Jean-Paul Estiévenart

After his adventures with Rackham and Take the Duck, Toine Thys (tenor and soprano saxophone, bass clarinet) opened a new chapter under his own name: the Toine Thys Trio.
You probably know Teun Verbruggen as the drummer alongside Jef Neve and from the band Flat Earth Society. In addition, he works on numerous projects of his own, runs his own record label RAT Records and is now curator of the brand-new BANG! festival.
The common theme running through the work of saxophonist and flutist Manuel Hermia is the search for a well-founded approach between cultures and styles, both from a musical and philosophical point of view.
The general manager and driving force behind Brosella and Djangofolllies is the incomparable Henri Vandenberghe.
From Brazil to the United States, from classical music to folk and jazz, accordion player Tuur Florizoone (°1978) is a shining example of the modern all-round musician who knows no boundaries.
Like all great jazz artists before him, guitarist Philip Catherine (°1942) has been crucial in the history of jazz evolution.