Call for residencies & Rent for artistic projects and rehearsals

5 Mei 2022
@ Werkplaats Walter, Brussels

Call for residencies

Walter is looking for two exciting residency projects for 2022, in the field of jazz, free impro and avant garde music.

The residencies will take place between July and December 2022 in Werkplaats Walter, Brussels. You can apply for a residency until 1st of June 22 (23.59 pm). An online application form is available on our website.

Team Walter will closely look into the applications and will select two residents considering artistic quality, clarity of the proposal and the impact a residency at Walter can have for the resident. Possible candidates will be contacted around 15th of June 22. We are not able to give a full feedback on every application.

Walter offers a place to think, work, rehearse, experiment, research in the field of jazz, free impro and avant-garde music. During the residency you can use the fully equipped concert hall with PA and basic technical support. We offer coffee/tea/water and a healthy lunch during the residency.

Walter does not provide accommodation/lodging. Artistic fees, technical and productional budgets will be defined in close consultation with the resident. However limited it might be, fair practice is an important guide in our budget.

A try-out or showing is possible, but is not the primary focus of the residency.

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Rent for artistic projects and rehearsals

Early Bird Discount Summer 2022

This summer, Werkplaats Walter is fully available for your artistic projects and rehearsals. We have a 100m2 concert hall, a fully equiped space with great acoustics, professional PA, drums, bass and guitar amps, grand piano, a little bar to relax and drink a coffee, and an outside space to enjoy a break. Basic technical support is provided as well. If you want to make your EPK or a demo, or dive into a special project: grab your chance!

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